Our Fleet Gallery:H2 Hummer stretch
H2 Hummer stretch
Model:      H2 Hummer stretch
Vehicle type:      sedan
Description:      Renting a stretch H2 limousine says you
Year of issue:      2009
Condition:      new
Address:      15 sherwood and s.mazorodze
Listing type:      vehicle for rent
Listing status:      active
Price:      300/hour
Price type:      starting
Rent to:     
Rented from - until:     
Engine type:
Transmission: automatic
Drive type: Fwd
Number of cylinders: 8
Number of speeds: 8Spd
Fuel type: petrol
Highway MPG/KPL:
Rear axel type:
Brakes type:
Exterior colors:
Number of doors: no
Exterior extras:
Interior colors:
Number of seats:
Dashboard options:
Interior extras:
No location available
Safety options:
Warranty options:  
Roadside assistance:

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